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Over the Mountains and Through the Woods…

November is here and to me that means the start of the Holiday Season. The anticipation that sets in each year at this time is like clockwork as I ready my wardrobe and my calendar for what’s to come. This year began promptly with the roll out of ‘Friendsgiving’ dinner. A group of friends and I headed east of the mountains to my family’s cabin for a truly magical weekend of friendship and food. The group was comprised of passionate perfectionists who when given the task of creating a Thanksgiving meal, would settle for nothing less than what Martha or Ina would do. The bar was set high. For many, this was our first real ‘go’ at cooking a turkey, perfecting the stuffing or finding the best mashed potato recipe that fell gracefully between tried-and-true and new-kid-on-the-stove-top. With so many cooks in the kitchen, it could have been a disaster but in true ‘Friendsgiving’ fashion, it was pure bliss. From the decadent meal, lovely tablescape and festive fashion the ‘Friendsgiving’ experiment was one for the record books. My heart was so full of thanks for the beautiful setting and incredible company. It makes me smile knowing how much people enjoy ‘the cabin’ as much as my own family does. It is such a symbol of the holidays for me and I think that’s exactly what my grandparents had in mind when they built it – it’s a place where family and friends can gather. Cheers, the Holidays are here!



IMG_4017 IMG_4024 IMG_4026

IMG_4039 IMG_4045 IMG_4068


 Left to right: Butternut squash w/ pancetta prior to being made into soup; fixings for chocolate chip pumpkin bread; assorted harvest flavored handmade macarons; individually handmade cheese crackers; table setting; the table; friends by the river.

Still Summer

I’m trying to hang on to Summer as long as possible, which is odd since I’m usually pining for fall fashion and pumpkin spice lattes by now. But this year, I just need Summer to stick around a little bit longer. I’m living in these open-toed sandals from zara, (Literally. I’m in NYC for the week and only brought this one pair…) and am using my new leopard-print clutch to slowly segue into fall. Animal prints are in, in a big way this season, as are florals and metallics. I’m trying to incorporate them as much as possible while planning my fall wardrobe. So naturally, I couldn’t help but pick up these adorable oxfords from you guessed it, zara. Truth be told, I love them so much that I wish I had invested in a better pair. I would advise going with the Sam Edelman or J.Crew version if you’re going to try the trend…which I think will be sticking around for more than just this season.

Cheers to summer nights and happy fall shopping!

* Oh, and photo cred goes to my boyfriend, he’s getting pretty good!


Top - Pleione Short Sleeve Mix Media Blouse; | Skirt – Topshop (old) | Sandals – Zara, in store only | Sunglasses - Quay Eyewear Australia Mia Syn Round | Handbag - Clare Vivier Foldover | Necklace – my own design



Top - Favorite short-sleeve V-neck T; | Pants – BCBG (old) | Blazer – H&M (old) | Shoes – Patent Blucher; | Handbag - Clare Vivier Foldover

Baby, You’re a Firework

Happy July 4th! Hope you’ve got lots of fireworks and fanfare planned for the big day. The 4th is one of my favorite days all year because it truly marks Summer and brings up all that childhood nostalgia for bare feet, popsicles and sparklers. So go ahead and indulge in some apple pie, corn and the cob and lemonade (spiked)!

Cheers to the Red, White and Blue!



photo (3)  photo (1) photo (4)




Beach Chic
Hope your summer travels bring you to the beach! Where are you going on vacation and what can you not forget to pack?

Zimmermann bikini top

ASOS flat pumps
$35 -

Havaianas flip flops

Kate Spade beach handbag

Band hat
$28 -

Sweet Summa Time!
Happy first day of summer all! Hope you soak up some sun today. Happy sunny shopping!

Wishful Styling: Black Tie

Wedding season is here and the question of what to wear is bound to arise. I recently went to a beautiful black tie wedding and was wishing I could have worn either of the options below…which is your favorite?



Black Tie

Pastel Palette

It’s finally beginning to feel like spring and pastels are all I want to wear! I’m also feeling pretty busy these days (hence the lack of posts) and am finding new ways to style myself quickly. Pick a color palette and some basic foundation pieces – then pile on the accessories. This outfit collaboration has been my go-to style lately. Hope you’re enjoying some spring sunshine and new sunny styles!



Pastel Palette


A Cause for Pause:

I was sent this note today and  thought I’d pass along the hope it gave me.


“We cannot fear fear.

We cannot allow ourselves to indulge in a cycle of revenge.

Dropping bombs will not prevent future bombings.

An eye for an eye is a human paradox.

To capitulate to this destructive notion will never heal any wounds or prevent any further injustices.

It only masks the larger and more troubling reality that has plagued humanity since our brief existence on this beautiful planet.

Those incapable of seeing the vast amount of love and care in this world will always try to destroy it.

How can we share love? How do we inspire those to turn away from anger and hate?

Justice will be had and we will hold whomever decided to inflict these senseless and cowardly acts responsible. We always do. There is no amount of money, man-power or time that will protect them.  We have proven, in our 237 years as a nation, that we will never back down, our resolve is greater than any destruction, any hate, any group of people trying to destroy the very tenants of our country: freedom, liberty, justice.  But when the day comes that justice is served, we will not parade in the streets, no, we will reflect upon the carnage and loss that we endured to bring us to this point. And so we come back to the original premise of what can we do to prevent this in the future. To guarantee our children’s children will never have to witness the horrors that we have faced in the last two decades.

Sometimes it feels beyond our power – this battle is won in the hearts and minds of foreign people living thousands of miles away. The debate rages between drones and torture and prisons – but none of this changes how we live our day to day lives.

But our actions matter, every single day.

If we live in a world that promotes respect and love and kindness – if we perpetuate these traits in our communities, maybe one day it will inspire others.

While driving, let your fellow commuter in, never cut someone off.

Wait that extra second to hold the door open for someone.

Give up your seat on a bus for an elderly person. Give up your seat on a bus for anyone.

Smile and say hello to strangers.


Every day, do something unique to try to make someone’s day, whether that be a coworker, a loved one, a friend or a stranger – because maybe that person will try to do the same.

I will not accept that peace is unobtainable. I will start with myself and how I can promote peace – and from there, the world.”

Sneak Peek…

Sneak peek of what you can expect from my K.Korrine Jewelry line…what do you think?

  • Would you wear it? I’d love to hear your thoughts!



DSC_1049Black & Gold Beaded Collar Necklace | K.Korrine Jewelry

Home Improvement: Part 2

In an effort to satisfy my decorating desires, I decided to add some art to a prominent wall in my apartment. The walls are tricky in my place and hanging things has always been a challenge since most of the walls are actually made of what feels like cement. But – I could not take that giant blank space staring at me any longer, so I took a tip from Pinterest and created this piece in honestly about 20 minutes…


  • Garbage bag – in case you spill the paint.
  • Blank canvas
  • Paint brushes
  • Toilet paper roll – yes you read that right, you’ll be using it as your stamp.
  • Background paint – I actually had some wall paint left over and since I love the color so much, I decided not to purchase something new and worked with what I had.
  • Accent paint – I went with gold and white, they are neutral colors but also elevate the playful piece to something elegant.



  • Paint your canvas.
  • Let it dry.
  • Poor your accent paint into a small, shallow dish.
  • Use the toilet paper roll as a stamp by dipping it into the accent paint and placing it on your canvas.
  • Hang your art when it’s dry.